12/31/18: Improve Your Margins with Avail T5

With the year about to end it is time to start making plans for next year.  A lot of fertilizer has been applied but there is still quit a bit to do.  Margins are going to be tighter than ever and we need to do everything we can to get every bushel we can.  One product that has helped us do that is Avail T5.

Avail T5 is a fertilizer enhancer that will reduce the fixation of phosphorus to the soil keeping more available for the plant to help promote early growth and crop health.  Positively charged particles in the soil will cause phosphorus to become fixed to the soil making it unavailable to the plant.  Avail T5 coats the phosphorus preventing the fixation from happening. 

SFG has run many trials with Avail T5 and has seen an average of a 6 bushel increase in corn.  Avail T5 will cost around $7 an acre (depending on the amount of phosphorus applied).  Even with $3 corn there is a good ROI when using this product. 

When the ground does finally firm back up and you start putting on your fertilizer take some time to give an SFG agronomist a call and discuss using Avail T5 to increase your yield for next year.

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