12/31/18: Mark's "Market Talk" Blog

End of a long year, Government workers start staying home, WOW the DOW

Today is the end of what many in agriculture will say was a long year. Sometimes when things get tough you can see a small glimmer of hope in the future but so far that isn’t happening yet. Talks continue concerning trade issues but we all know we need action so we can begin to move the stockpile of beans we have. The EPA needs to stop granting RFS waivers to refining companies that don’t deserve it. I’m still trying to get someone to explain to me how any gas station can sell non ethanol gas for 30 cents more than E10. Perhaps we still have a lot of people to educate about the use of ethanol fuels. This will become more important as we move toward year around E15. This week farmers will begin to feel the full effect of the government shut down as county FSA offices will be closing until congress and Trump come to an agreement. This is just another spike through the heart for farmers as they have faced so many difficulties this year. The wild ride on the stock market has probably increased the sales of antacids across the country as everyone with a 401 has been tuned in. The experts have a lot of reasons for all of the movement but it appears bulls and bears are staging a tug of war as both sides read our economy a bit different. Perhaps in the coming year we can move some of this money into the commodity markets. Today we are lacking confidence in our markets. It takes a lot of things to move grain markets such as weather issues, export sales, politics, and trade policy. But money flow is still the most important ingredient in pushing our markets higher. Sort of like water is the most important nutrient in raising a crop. So as we head into 2019 we will need to search hard for those small glimmers of hope and be ready to utilize them to help us get by until the light at the end of the tunnel finally appears.

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