2/12/19: Nitrogen Stabilizers for Spring Application

Although it may not feel like it spring is just a few months away and before we know it we will be busy in the field.

What started out as a nice December has turned into a cold and snow filled January and that trend seems to continue into February. As it sits today there was very little fall nitrogen applied in my area and that leaves a lot of work to be done this spring. With that being said it is important not to leave out nitrogen stabilizers in spring applied nitrogen. Just because nitrogen is applied in the spring that doesn’t mean it is not susceptible to losses. We are looking to be on the wet side going into this spring and if that continues a nitrogen stabilizer is cheap insurance to give you the piece of mind that your applied nitrogen is still working for you come grain fill. At SFG we offer a wide variety of products to stabilizer all forms of nitrogen and we can help you choose the right product to fit your system and equipment. If you have any questions or would like to discuss getting a nitrogen stabilizer added to your spring nitrogen plans contact your local SFG agronomist we would be happy to assist you.

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