2/25/19: Data - Be Sure to Use the Best

Before you start your season, take a step back and evaluate your data provider.  Just like seed and any input, you should insist on the best.  You should make demands.  Here are four points why you should want you to have SFG as your data provider.

1.  Demand data that’s validated by replication.  The more data points the stronger the data.  It’s a fact.  And it needs to be backed by extensive replicated trials and run through a quality assurance process.  If not, can you really count on it to make critical decisions?

2.  Demand data that’s prescriptive, not descriptive.  Your data should be prescriptive.  It should give you a clear idea of what to do in the future.  Graphs and spreadsheets about past performance have their place, but to win in the field you need data driven recommendations for your farm.

3.  Demand data that’s specific  to your fields.  Your neighbor’s data doesn’t help you deal with your challenges.  Or make the most or your opportunities.  Besides analyzing data from your fields, look for data that takes agronomic variability into account.

4.  Demand that data be analyzed by a local pro, SFG.  Go to your local trusted advisor, SFG, to build the ag tech toolbox that best fits your operation.  It’s the surest way to gain insights from your data specific to your situation.  From there, you can be confident in your decision making  from planting through harvest.

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