2/5/19: Timely Applications

In the next few months we will be getting in the fields applying chemicals for our 2019 crops.  Last years chemical programs seemed to do a pretty good job but there were still some fields that didn’t get the attention that was needed.  Timely applications are very important when keeping a field weed free.  For this season I would recommend using a two pass chemical program on corn and a two pass program on beans. 

Applying Harness Extra (with 24d or Clarity) shortly before or shortly after planting corn followed by Armezon Pro is a fool proof program.  This will give you two residuals that will keep weeds from emerging well after canopy.  As always weather plays a big role in application timing.  We would like to apply the Armezon Pro 21-25 days after crop emergence. 

Bean programs are becoming more complicated with every season.  There are more options available to us than there was 5 years ago.  It does not need to be complicated if we do it right from the beginning.  I recommend starting with a full rate of Matador then coming back 21-25 days with Liberty, Dicamba or a fomesafen.  Dicamba has proven to work really well but there is some leg work to be done.  We will need to check with neighbors and surrounding crops to make sure we are following the label.  I would also make sure to add another residual like Warrant or Outlook to the second pass to insure we keep the weeds down well past crop canopy.  It is much easier to keep a field clean than it is to clean a field up.  Each SFG location has an agronomist that is well versed in chemical programs.  Feel free to give your nearest location a call when it comes time to book chemicals for 2019.

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