3/11/19: A Small Window for Spring Work

It looks like spring will finally arrive next week.  I am seeing some 50 degree days next week but unfortunately rain is also expected.  There is still a considerable amount of snow on the ground that needs to melt before we even start to think about heading into the field.  All of our equipment is ready to go and we are just waiting for the ground to be fit. 

It looks like we will have a smaller window than usual to get all the spring work done this year so it is important that we have everything ready.  Now is a good time to stop in and discuss with your agronomist and finalize plans for this coming season.  One of the more important things to discuss is where each hybrid of seed will be planted.  Over the fall and winter we discussed where to place each hybrid to maximize yield on that field.   When you do get your seed, make sure you discuss with your agronomist where each hybrid goes and separate accordingly. 

For those who spray their own crop it is also a good idea to go over your plans with your agronomist to make sure the right chemical is getting sprayed at the right time.  Take the few extra minutes to discuss with your agronomist about the timing of chemical applications and weed heights to help with weed control through out the year.  It may not seem like it now but spring work is right around the corner and preparing now will make the spring go much more smoothly.

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