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Effectively Superior: BEET 55TM products work faster and in a greater range of temperatures. BEET 55TM products do not need sunlight to activate. BEET 55TM will help melt ice at lower temperatures.
Economically Smarter: Application rate decreases approximately 25-30% with the addition of BEET 55TM. When blended with rock salt, the tacky nature of BEET 55TM reduces the bounce of salt; so more salt stays on the surface. BEET 55TM residual lasts several days and prevents snow and ice from bonding to the surface. Treating products with Beet 55TM will decrease corrosion caused by chlorides. Fewer applications, less product usage and longer equipment life SAVES MONEY!
Environmentally Safer: BEET 55TM is an environmentally safe product. It poses minimal harm to vegatation and is water-soluble. BEET 55TM reduces chlorine use and the introduction of heavy metals into the environment.

BEET 55TM Minimizes Your Winter Maintenance Budget

  • BEET 55TM is blended with rock salt, the bounce and scatter of the salt is  reduced.
  • Your anti-icing or deicing product will last longer when combined with BEET 55TM.
  • BEET 55TM residual last for additional 2-5 days on top of and carries over to the next snow event.
  • BEET 55TM products bond more effectively, keeping walkways and pavements clear.
  • Fewer applications PLUS more effectiveness PLUS anti-bonding reduces all winter operations costs.
  • Application rates can be reduced by 30% or more.

BEET 55TM Benefits with Stockpile Treatment

  • BEET 55TM will not leach when using recommended application amount.
  • BEET 55TM acts as an anti-caking agent on your rock salt stockpiles and helps solve storage problems.
  • BEET 55TM does not require advanced mixing operations or special equipment.

BEET 55TM Products Work Faster and in a Greater Range of Temperatures

  • BEET 55TM products do not need sunlight to activate.
  • BEET 55TM products melt ice in lower temperatures than salt or salt brine alone.

BEET 55TM Products Reduce Damage Associated with OTHER Products

  • Blending BEET 55TM with another anti-/deicing product decreases that product’s corrosiveness.
  • Expensive roadway infrastructure will receive less damage.
  • The anti-corrosive nature of BEET 55TM increases equipment life.

BEET 55TM is Ecologically Friendly

  • BEET 55TM is a natural, agriculturally safe product.  It is a carbohydrate that is a derivative of the sugar beet.
  • BEET 55TM poses minimal harm to grass, trees and shrubs.
  • BEET 55TM is water soluble.

BEET 55TM Friction Testing Results

BEET 55TM underwent strict testing by the Pacific Northwest Association (PNS) and passed all testing. Below is supplied the friction test report. As you can see by using beet(red line) traction to pavement increased on wet pavement. The surprising aspect is that BEET 55TM improved traction on dry pavement. The test results below are for you to look over. Feel free to call ours sales staff team if you have any questions regarding BEET 55TM.


The Facts

BEET 55cTM  - 2013 PNS Approved!

BEET 55cTM  is the foundation behind every BEET 55TM  blend. BEET 55cTM  is developed from sugar beets during the sugar making process. BEET 55cTM is an all natural and renewable resource. Sugar beets are grown throughout the United States and Canada and are an outstanding renewable resource. BEET 55TM provides users with multiple benefits to their existing winter maintenance program. BEET 55TM lowers the corrosion rate when mixed with chloride products and rock salt. End users purchase the blended products ready to use or purchase the concentrate directly to create their own custom blends. Talk with the distributor in your area for the BEET 55TM solution that is right for you!

BEET 55™ Liquid Organic Accelerator is a natural agricultural product that features snow and ice control performance superior to traditional brines plus is 75% less corrosive. BEET 55™ is derived from a renewable resource sugar beet molasses, providing a sustainable and environmentally safe alternative, BEET 55™ will reduce salt application rates by 50% and substantially reduce operating costs. Beet 55™ is primarily used as a performance enhancer to salt brine, calcium, and magnesium blends. 
BEET 55TM Anti-icing Liquid Application:
  • Beet 55™ can be blended from 10% to 35% with salt brine and other chlorides
  • Apply 30 to 60 gallons per lane mile
  • Rates vary depending on environmental conditions

BEET 55TM Anti-icing Liquid Benefits:

  • Residual will last 5-10 days
  • Apply before storm event to prevent bonding
  • Decreases needed man hours & increases equipment efficiency

• Beet 55TM can be blended with magnesium(Mg) or calcium(Ca) chloride and have   excellent results. 

• Inclusion rates of Beet 55TM range from 10% to 35%.


BEET 55TM Deicing Liquid Application:

  • 40 to 80 gallon is recommended per lane mile
  • Rates will vary with depth of hardpack and temperature conditions
  • For hardpack and icy conditions add 10% to 20% chloride to the anti-icing recommendations
  • Super blends of 75% salt brine, 15% Beet 55TM and 10% Mg or Ca are a very popular blend

BEET 55TM Deicing Liquid Benefits:

  • Residual will last 5-10 days
  • Faster, more powerful melting capacity
  • Decreases man hours & increases equipment efficiency

BEET 55TM  Salt Stockpile Treatment Application:

  • Add Beet 55TM at 4-6 gal/ton (21-25 liters/metric ton)
  • Optional: add 1-2 gallons Na/Mg/Ca brine

BEET 55TM  Salt Stockpile Treatment Benefits:

  • Prevents freezing, crusting, and keeps salt free flowing
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Reduces salt application rate by 30%
  • Reduces bounce and scatter loss
  • Beet 55TM treated salt will cover 30% more area then untreated salt
BEET 55TM Suggested Application:
The suggested usage rates should be considered as starting points and should be adjusted based on weather expectations, current local conditions, performance levels, and road usage.

The information and recommendations is this publications are to best of the seller's knowledge, accurate. However, because of numerous factors affecting test results, seller makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied other than product conforms to its applicable current standard specifications. Statements concerning  the use of the products of formulations described here in are not to be constructed as recommending the infringement of any patent.