July 22, 2019: Fungicides to Reduce Plant Stress

July 22, 2019

It’s mid-July and time to be applying fungicides.  There is more and more evidence that shows the use of fungicides can greatly affect positive yield in both corn and soybeans.  We always thought of fungicide use as a means to protect against disease pressure.  But, maybe a larger benefit to fungicides is the reduction of stress that the plant is going through much like reducing stress in humans greatly increases the overall health and productivity of that person.

One other consideration when spraying fungicides is the possible application of an insecticide.  The timing of fungicide and insecticide application is the same and they tank mix very well together.  In soybeans the economic threshold is only 15-20% defoliation during the reproductive period, which is not very much and not that noticeable when looking at a field.  Even though I have not noticed personally much insect pressure, reports for Southern Iowa are mentioning more and more prevalence of Thistle  Caterpillar, Bean Leaf Beetles and especially Japanese Beetles.  If you are thinking about spraying fungicide on your beans, it would probably be a good idea to give a close look at your beans to see if these pests are making a home in your fields.

Note:  there has been more and more reports of potato leafhoppers showing up in alfalfa fields.  Scout fields about 7 to 10 days after each cutting to determine what the economic threshold is, and if action will be needed.
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