July 29. 2019: Area Spraying Updates

July 29, 2019

We couldn’t have received a better rain over the territory. We have received a little over 3 inches over the past couple of weeks. I don’t things could look much better. Let’s hope we keep getting these timely rains.

Planes are out in full force applying fungicide to corn. They have been keeping up for the most part. The only thing that slows down the plane application is the wind. They had a couple days last week that they couldn’t apply due to the wind. We haven’t had any insect problems in the corn at this time.

Most of the early planted beans are ready for fungicide too. The later planted beans are not too far behind them.  We have been out spraying fungicide and insecticide on the beans with ground rigs. We are following the same tracks that we post sprayed for the most part. Some of the later planted beans have some heavy infestation of thistle caterpillars them. The caterpillars can do a lot more damage to younger beans. We have had to spray a few fields for just caterpillars. The caterpillars are changing into moths now which look like small monarchs.
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