July 7, 2019: Fungicide Considerations

July 8, 2019

Lately I have taken a few calls questioning the use of fungicides this season due to the later planting and our crops being behind what we normally are. I have had a few conversations with a few product reps and agronomists I know on this topic. In general we have all agreed on that if there is a disease at threshold in that field it is a good idea to spray fungicide not only to control that disease and preserve yield but to also improve late season stand-ability of the crop. One thing we can look at is the fungicide response scores for different corn hybrids and determine what ones respond to fungicide to make sure we are spending our dollar on the acre that will return the most. Winfield has most hybrids response scores on their R7 tool that we can look up regardless of the company to get accurate data on what hybrids will reward us for the extra management. Scouting is the best way to determine what needs to be done in your fields, if you feel that you might have disease pressure and would like to have us look at a field with you give your local SFG agronomist a call we would be happy to look at that with you.
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