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Field Monitoring for Fungicide

July 6, 2020

We are about wrapping up herbicide applications in my area and are shifting gears to the next opportunity in the field. The next step is the use of fungicide and micronutrient products in the coming weeks. In this ag market it is hard to make the decision to spend more money on the crop but we, at SFG, have a way to determine which fields to focus on. I spend a lot of time on the R-7 platform using Field Monitoring Tool. This is a very simple program that tells us which fields are progressing quicker than other fields in the area. We use field monitoring to determine fields to push and ones to rescue.

Field Monitoring tool works by looking at NDVI images that measure the amount of crop growth. We then sort out the fields that are progressing at a high pace. Fields that are farther along have a better yield potential and are more likely to respond to an application of fungicides and micronutrients. Fields that are lagging behind are ones that the extra dollars on fungicide might not be the best option because of other limiting factors. These are some very easy in season decisions that can be made with you and your SFG agronomist. Do not miss out on the yield opportunities of 2020 by only looking at the price of corn and soybeans. It only takes between 7-9 bushels of corn to pay for a fungicide application and we have lot of data that show we can consistently get 12-15 bushels by using the technology at our disposal. Contact any of us at Smith Fertilizer and Grain to go over opportunities yet in 2020.

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