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"Should I apply a pre-chemical to soybeans?"

March 16, 2020

As I talk with farmers, I often get the question, “Do I really need to spend the money to apply a pre emerge chemical in front of my soybeans or add a residual to my post application?”  There are many pockets in our trade territory that have weeds that are tolerant/resistant to many of our post applied chemicals, many with only one post-emerge option working to control hard to kill water hemp, and that one option is not the same in all geographies. Tillage may kill many emerged weeds before planting, but with no-till being the tillage system of choice for various other good management practices, we must rely on chemistry to take care of our weed control systems.  With no known new chemical programs coming to the market in the near future it makes it important to use as many modes of action as practical to keep weeds under control.  Many of the top-performing pre-soybean chemicals offer at least three good modes of action, and followed with a post emerge chemical that will take care of any escapes from the preemergent program and adding another layer of residual at post application will give us a chemical program that will offer as many effective modes of action as possible to control the resistant/tolerant weed populations.

Yes, you may get by without using a pre chemical for a year or two, but it will eventually catch up to us making larger populations of weeds that are resistant/tolerant to the chemistry available on the market today. 
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