November 18, 2019: Fall Soil Testing

November 18, 2019

Soybean harvest is wrapping up in my area and most growers are working on getting corn out as I am writing this. I want to take some time to discuss that we still have time to get soil testing done this fall. Soil tests are important to know where we are at for essential crop nutrients in the soil as well as the PH of the soil. If we have an issue with soil PH lime could be applied this winter to get that corrected ahead of next crop season. Whether it be GPS grid samples or conventional samples, it is nice to know if there are any limiting factors out there that could be slowing your crops down. Getting samples done this fall can help us get fertility plans tailored to your crops needs based on what is in your soil today. If you would like to get some soil testing done give your local SFG agronomist a call we would be happy to meet with you and get some tests pulled for you this fall.
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