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October 7, 2019: Economics of Meltdown Crop Residue Digester

October 7, 2019
We all know that there is a fundamental relationship between the soil and the plant. The soil is a living organism that provides water and nutrients to feed the plant, in turn the plant is alive and is designed to feed the soil as well. Although this relationship is complex the simple truth is that this relationship is made possible through the activities of beneficial microorganisms. By establishing and maintaining a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms, the soil and plant will efficiently work together to maximize the plants growth and productivity, otherwise yield potential is lost.

Meltdown is an All-In-One residue management product combining viable and capable microbes with organic acids and nitrogen to degrade complex polymers such as Cellulose, Lignin, Chitin and related compounds. Meltdown also enhances the return of micro and macro nutrients from the residue to the soil and will help drive CO2 cycling which promote higher yields and healthier soils.

In a 180 acre corn crop there is approximately 29 lbs/ac. of P2O5 and 198 lbs/ac of K2O in the corn stover. That is a $50 dollar per acre investment that can be used to next year’s crop. Using Meltdown not only reclaims your investment dollars in releasing nutrients from residue and stubble but it allows drills and planters to slice through residue instead of bouncing over it, promoting optimal seed placement increasing uniform emergence and optimizing stand. If you are thinking of using a residual chemical application in the fall, Meltdown can be added to the tank without any conflict between the products.

Talk with your SFG agronomist to see how using Meltdown this fall can make financial sense in this tough economic time by unleashing nutrients that you have already invested in.
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