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Critical Seed Decisions

September 8, 2020

The hot dry weather that we had over the last couple of weeks has really changed the crops in this area.  Beans are starting to turn and it won’t be long before corn will be ready to be shelled.  It is becoming easier to see what hybrids have held up with the weather that we have had and what ones dropped off sooner than we would have liked.   In those areas that did drop off seed selection is a very critical decision to get the most yield out of that acre.

At SFG we carry Dekalb and Croplan seed corn and we have the tools to help you pick the right seed for every acre.  We also have the tools to help you get set up for variable rate planting so we can get the most out of every acre.  We also carry Merschman, Asgrow and Croplan beans that we can taylor to fit any operation.  Whether you prefer using Liberty, Enlist or Dicamba we have a bean that will work for your system. 

It may not seem like it but now is the time to start getting your seed lined up for the 2021 season.  The best discounts are now.  Even if you are not for sure what specific hybrid you want to plant we can still lock in the discounts and figure out what seed we want at a later date.  We all know that margins are paper thin in farming and we need to gain every penny that is available to us.   
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