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Time to Book Creep Feed

August 3, 2020

Summer is upon us. The spring calves are getting to the size and age that they are looking for extra groceries besides momma’s milk. Luckily some of us have been getting sporadic rains to keep the grass growing. Creep feeding the calves helps to put extra pounds on the calves and helps decrease the demand put on the cows keeping them in better body condition. The commercial creep feeds have a better feed conversion rate than your typical corn oat rations. SFG has Hubbard and Kent pelleted creep feeds in stock. Call your local SFG location for creep booking information. Thanks for your business.
Posted: 8/3/2020 1:17:15 PM by Rob Matherly | with 1 comments

Chad Bennink
Hey Mark,
Since I don't have your number maybe this will work. That was us down by the east gate. We put a little turnip plot up in the woods in hopes to attract the deer this fall when we come down. Meant to stop in but had to get back cause my wife is terrible at putting the cows back in! Hope all is well. Let me know u got this message.
Your friend,
8/10/2020 5:38:58 PM


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