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Spring Booking Specials

March 23, 2020

Smith Fertilizer and Grain is currently offering our early bookings for mineral and creep feed for the year. This is an excellent opportunity to lock in the best price for your mineral and creep needs. If you are reconsidering whether to use a commercial creep or not, here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Goals of creep feeding:

     -- Gain additional weight efficiently and inexpensively, more pounds to sell!
     -- Faster start at weaning
     -- More uniform size of calves
     -- Stretch grass – which will help to keep your cows in better body condition and improve reproduction.

Commercial creep feeds are formulated specially to the needs and gut environment of a calf at this stage of their life. Remember the calves’ gut has been utilizing forage and milk and is not ready to consume high starch diets such as corn. That is why the feed efficiency of a commercial creep is 4 to 5 to one versus a grain mix such as a 1/3rds mix which has a feed efficiency of 8 to 10 to one. Another added benefit of commercial creep feed is that they contain either Bovatec or Rumensin to increase feed efficiency as well as control coccidiosis.

Contact your SFG representative to get your mineral and creep booked today and take advantage of the savings.
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