November 12, 2018: It's Protein Season

November 12, 2018

The days are getting shorter and cooler with a chance of snow later in the week, it is also the start of PROTEIN SEASON for your beef cow herd.  As we progress toward winter, grasses and crop residue go from mature to dormant with the protein level of these forages declining every week while fiber increases.  Ruminant animals have the ability to unlock more energy from these low-quality forages by supplementing their diets with protein.  This can be done with actual protein or non-protein nitrogen.

Why is energy important to the beef cow?  Energy is the primary driver of body weight or body condition.  Protein supplementation of low-quality forages will increase the digestibility, or energy release, of these forages that will allow the animal to maintain or increase body condition.  Proper body condition is critical to delivering a healthy calf and preparing the cow to re-breed in a timely manner.

There are many options that can accomplish providing adequate protein to your beef herd.  One such option is feeding the new CrystalBlox which is an excellent way to maximize your returns from a supplement program that’s available 24/7 while also minimizing equipment and labor requirements.

CrystalBlox is a self feed supplement block/tub that uses both low-moisture block technology and compressed (distillers grains) block technology.  The CrystalBlox delivers a higher level of protein delivery as well as macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins to round out your herd’s supplement program.  It’s strongest feature is delivering more protein when forage situations or cow nutrient requirements need a boost.  If you are looking to provide an additional supplement option that capitalizes on predictable intake precision while helping to keep costs under control, consider the CrystalBlox.

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