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Chemical Programs for 2021

November 16, 2020

With harvest complete or nearly complete in our trade territory, it is time to start looking at inputs for 2021, while the performance of 2020 is fresh on our minds.  Chemical programs are typically best priced in the early round of prepays close to either side of the year end.  I know that there are some cheap options on the market, however we need to look at what will give us the best value in the long run.  It does not matter what crop we are protecting, it is important to make sure that we are using the correct rate of products with multiple modes of action, and not shorting ourselves or our crops with weed competition that may reduce yields. Often just a small percentage less chemical than the recommended rate is the difference between excellent weed control, and poor weed control in a field.  Many farmers have tried one pass programs in corn and soybeans, but these seldom work as well as hoped.  Two pass programs often are far superior to one pass programs offering multiple modes of action, and applying at the correct time of season to keep weeds from emerging and keeping crops from having any competition to optimize yields.  Contact your local SFG agronomist to start planning for protecting your 2021 crop from hard to control weeds.
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