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Self-Feeding Supplements

November 2, 2020
Self-fed supplements are an investment in the current and future performance of your cow herd. As we move into the late fall and winter months, supplementing the nutrients your cattle need will increase your bottom line by making your cattle and producer more efficient.  This is done several ways:
  1. We know that mineral nutrition is important, and trace mineral nutrition plays an especially important role in many performance factors in a cow-calf operation.  Reproductive and calf performance depend on trace minerals, especially zinc, copper, manganese and selenium and in the proper form that makes it available to the animal.  Minerals should be supplemented year round.  By providing a self-fed supplement, cattle can get what they need when they need it most.
  2. For any cow-calf operation, forages are the most valuable resource and should be considered first in any feeding decision.  Ruminant animals are remarkable creatures that convert low quality forage into a high quality product.  However, the animal needs help in the form of a protein supplement to feed the bugs in the rumen so she can be more efficient in digesting low-quality forages and increase the amount of critical energy the cow needs to maintain body condition, milk production and proper fetal development.
  3. Transitioning  calves through weaning or being newly acquired through heavy stress conditions.  Some very popular products during this time period are stress tubs such as the Brigade tubs.  These products are specially formulated with the minerals and vitamins that are crucial during times of stress but that the calves may be depleted in.  These tubs help the calves get off to the right start by stimulating their appetite and helping get on feed.  Also, the licking action help buffer the gut and soothe their throats.
CRYSTALYX, is a self-fed supplement that can be placed out with the cattle and is available to them 24/7.  It is constantly available to them in a palatable yet controlled form.   It is not only convenient for the cattle, but it’s convenient for the producer as well by saving time as well as labor.  CRYSTALYX comes in a multitude of options to chose from and is very cost effective providing the nutrients your cattle need at a cost that will help your bottom line.
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