Winter Lick Tubs

Jan 29, 2024

The snow is slowly retreating in the pastures, but winter is still here. It will be some time before pastures green up and cattle can graze. If you’re like most people, your hay is running short and you’re wondering if you can make it to spring.
Lick tubs are a good supplement to stretch your hay supply. The tubs come in different protein levels to accommodate varying needs of different animals. For example, higher-energy tubs are available for thinner cows. Feeding lick tubs to horses has resulted in less hay consumption. For bull lots, the Mineralyx tub is a good option.
While some larger stores might have lower-priced tubs, remember that you get what you pay for. A cheaper tub with more filler doesn’t go as far as a quality tub with quality ingredients. You’ll pay less for an inferior product that won’t last as long and doesn’t meet your livestock’s needs. Smith Fertilizer & Grain carries quality tubs. We have Hubbard’s Crystalyx along with Kent’s EnergiLass tubs in stock. Contact your local SFG office for all your lick tub needs!