Ready for all your tiling and earth-moving needs, SFG takes pride in our work to meet your every construction need. We keep our equipment in top working order to do the top-notch work you'd expect of us.

  • GPS Pattern Tiling

  • Ponds & Terraces

  • Demolition

  • Land Conservation Work

Construction Team


Tiling Machine: Our Hydra Maxx 2600 wheel machine is GPS-controlled to install up to 12" single-wall tile at sub-inch accuracy. We are able to do pattern or strategic tiling of Timewell Tile to meet your every need. We can also provide GPS surveying and mapping so that you have a map after the job is done.

Cat D-8 Dozer: For waterways, big earth-moving projects, ponds, terraces, tree removal, and demo work.

Cat D-6 Dozer:  For conservation work, terraces, waterway work, and ponds.

Cat D-4 Dozer:  For smaller jobs, repairs, and grading.

Cat 330 Excavator:  For the big jobs like tree removal, ditching, and demo work. With a hydraulic thumb, we are able to do a great job with clean-up work.

Case Backhoe:  Used for tiling and a variety of projects.

Case Skidloader:  Used in terrace cleanout and maintenance, clean-up work in demo jobs, and a variety of small projects.

Garfield 12 Yard Scraper:  Used in terrace construction, terrace clean out, and earth moving projects such as building pads.


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