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April 29, 2019: Is Fly Pressure Impacting Performance?

April 15, 2019

Probably not today, but in a few weeks horn and face flies will not only become a nuisance but an economic problem as well. Most university trials determine that having as few as 200 flies per cow is the economic threshold.  The key is getting ahead of the game and start feeding a larvicide as early as Mid-April to kill the larvae before they reach the fly stage.  Generally, horn flies stay with the cow and travels very little distance.  By eliminating the flies in the larvae stage, the population is greatly reduced and the risk of flies traveling in from more distant places is minimal.  Feeding a larvicide is part of an overall program that includes oilers, and dusters that can be placed around the mineral, salt and water locations.  Just imagine having one fly buzzing around and how much of an annoyance it can be, multiply that by hundreds and you can see how the well being of your cattle is affected.  In fact, horn flies in excess of 200 per animal can reduce weaning weights by 10-20 pounds easily.

It’s a very busy time of the year, but get a jump on your fly control by feeding a larvicide now.  Your cows and calves will thank you.

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