Smith Fertilizer & Grain

The SFG Difference

Smith Fertilizer & Grain strives to provide top of the line service and quality products at competitive prices, while keeping our customers profitable. We work diligently to embrace new technology and strive to stay committed to developing relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.
At SFG, success isn't measured in tons, gallons or bushels. It all comes down to what will make each producer stronger and more profitable. We realize that an impressive array of locations and equipment doesn't guarantee farmers will receive what they need to prosper. To provide outstanding service, we begin by listening.
SFG is poised for the future and will continue to focus on the demands of today’s rapidly changing agriculture market to better serve our producers. SFG provides our valued producers with the added benefit of another level of service; the old fashion personal kind of respect and determination to meet all your needs.

Our Story

In 1972, with hard work, sacrifice, determination, and a goal to provide better customer service, Lyman and Jeanne Smith, along with their two sons John and Max, formed Smith Fertilizer and Grain. With addition of the Pleasantville facility twenty years later, SFG doubled in size. The deicing business began in 2000 and has since grown into a market with several distribution locations in North America with the Pleasantville location being the main hub for deicing and dust control distribution. 2006 brought the purchase of the Albia location followed a year later with the Centerville location.

In 2019, SFG expanded yet again to better serve our customers and the surrounding area by adding locations at Milo, Melcher-Dallas, Columbia, and Knoxville. Many long hours were spent modernizing and updating the facilities and equipment in a very short amount of time.

Smith Fertilizer & Grain
Pictured: Milo Open House and Ribbon Cutting.
Back Row: Kyle Smith, Kristin Smith.
Front Row: Jason Smith, Max Smith, Sharon Smith, Charles Smith

About Us

SFG is a full service fertilizer, feed supplier, and grain receiving company, specializing in customer service at the retail level in south central Iowa. SFG provides a wide variety of agricultural and road maintenance services to all sizes of operations. Our large fleet of semis and equipment allows us to service the needs of our customers with SFG marketed products.


The SFG agronomy department strives to build strong working relationships with our producers. SFG offers the latest in products, technology, and services to form a working relationship that turns into a profitable relationship improving your bottom line. In the agronomy world, service is what sets businesses apart. SFG and our CCA agronomists pride ourselves on providing producers with the best agronomic products and services in South Central Iowa.


In conjunction with Hubbard® and Kent®, SFG nutritionists work to develop a variety of feed blends that meet your livestock demands and deliver top of the line results in every bag or mix. We know the importance of high quality feed and work to deliver products that will optimize your animal’s performance as well as increase your profitability. SFG takes pride in providing cutting edge milling operations along with many other services. Experienced employees provide outstanding service and current information about industry advances to help you make the best decisions possible for your operation.


Our grain marketers help you effectively market your grain. We understand the challenges producers face when it comes to storing and marketing your crop each year. The SFG staff utilizes many years of experience to help you make these important decisions while providing friendly, quality service. We continually upgrade our receiving and loading equipment as our business expands to meet your needs.


At SFG, service is our specialty. We strive to provide producers with a variety of agronomy, feed, and grain services to meet their needs. SFG provides reliable service and professionalism to assist all producers in their pathway to success.


Giving Back

SFG isn't just an employer and retailer. We're an integral part of the communities we exist in and serve. SFG is proud to give back to South Central Iowa through donations and sponsorships. 


SFG Leadership


Agronomy Sales & Service, Bagged Feed, Feed Mill, Grain
805 IA-5
Albia, Iowa 52531
Agronomy Sales & Service, Anhydrous Ammonia, Bagged Feed, Dry Fertilizer, Grain
1605 S 24th St
Centerville, Iowa 52544
Anhydrous Ammonia, Fuel
2441 IA-14
Columbia, IA 50057
Knoxville Main Office
Administration Office, Agronomy Sales & Service, Anhydrous Ammonia, Bagged Feed, Grain
1650 Quebec St
Knoxville, IA 50138
Anhydrous Ammonia, Fuel, Grain
126 2nd Street SE
Melcher-Dallas, IA 50163
Agronomy Sales & Service, Anhydrous Ammonia, Bagged Feed, Grain
101 1st Street
Milo, Iowa 50166
Agronomy Sales & Service, Anhydrous Ammonia, Bagged Feed, Dry Fertilizer, Grain
702 E Jasper St
Pleasantville, Iowa 50225