R7 by WinField United

Apr 05, 2021

The R7 Field Forecasting Tool by Winfield United is used to help with in-season decision making. This is a computer-based crop modeling tool that is designed to help with the future of your fields. The goal for using this tool is to improve farmer decisions and provide agronomy input on corn, soybeans, and even wheat.

The field forecasting tool tracks biomass by using satellite images, along with the uptake of nitrogen and potassium. The Field Forecasting Tool is the first modeling tool to combine the results of nitrogen, potassium, and water strains on soybean and corn growth and development. One of the first steps while using the field forecasting tool is to take a tissue sample. There are many benefits to these samples such as making sure your Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) levels are where they need to be and that the plants are responding to applied nutrients. If there is a nutrient deficiency in a plant, this is a great way to help trouble shoot and reveal what nutrient the plant is lacking. Lastly, the one main benefit of sampling is to overall help improve yield goals and to help determine what the plant will need for future fertilizers.

The Field Forecasting tool will create nitrogen application scenarios and tell us the best rate and timing for an in season nitrogen application. This takes place of the 4 or 5 leave stage generally. SFG is able to handle in season nitrogen applications by using our Rogater dry spreader. We can handle all rates of in season nitrogen and have the capability of running variable rate nitrogen applications. We can put the nitrogen on the acres that need it most.

Call an SFG Agronomist to talk about your in season nitrogen needs and the use of the Field Forecasting Tool yet this season.