Saltro Seed Treatment

Apr 18, 2022

Spring is now upon us even though the weather isn’t showing it. Over Easter we see that we got a snowstorm and unseasonably low temperatures. This makes the decisions to go to the field even harder. Planter have only just begun any planting and there has not been a big push to get crops in the ground with the low temperatures we are facing. Once we do get the crops in the ground, we want to give them the best chance of emergence. I believe the seed treatments are going to make a big difference this year.

The whole idea of seed treatments is to protect the seed against early diseases. Diseases favor wet weather, and it looks like we are going to see an abundance of wetter weather this planting season. Sudden Death Syndrome especially thrives in cool and wet conditions and infects plants early in the season. We won’t see the symptoms until August but we for sure have a conducive environment for Sudden Death Syndrome infection on soybeans planted in April. The Saltro treatment we use to protect those plants should have a good return this year. Based on the price of soybeans it does not take very much yield loss to pay for that Saltro treatment and we know Sudden Death Syndrome can have huge yield penalties if there is a large infection. Make sure to review your seed treatment options one last time before planting to make sure those soybeans have the best opportunity to emerge.