Start The Year Right

Apr 04, 2022

April is here and things are starting to green up. I see a lot of planters being pulled out of the shed while traveling around the area. While it is easy to get in a hurry to get things done, it is important to take the time to make sure we are doing things right.

The first thing to think about is seed placement. Earlier in the year we have selected certain hybrids for each field. Take the time to sort your seed to make sure that you are putting the correct hybrid in the correct field. Also make sure you are planting that seed at the right population. When you pick up your seed make sure to take some time to speak with your agronomist on seed placement and population.

Take some time to test out your planter. A good habit to get into is to check seed placement and depth at every field. It is not uncommon for a planter to get out of time while being pulled down the road from field to field.

Make sure to scout your fields before applying your pre-emergent herbicides. Each field can be different and different chemicals may need to be added. Your SFG agronomist will be more than happy to look and make a recommendation on what chemicals to add into your mix. We may be trying to get as much done as fast as possible, but now is not the time to start cutting corners.