Getting Ready to Plant

Apr 01, 2024

Some needed rain fell over the area last week, and it looks like more is on the way. We sure could use a couple inches before we start putting seed in the ground and we only have around a week to get it. If the fields are ready, there will be planters going in the next ten days. There will be a big rush to get the seed in the ground as fast as possible.

When it is time to go to the field, I encourage you to take a few extra minutes to sort your seed to make sure the right seed is getting planted in the right field. When you placed your seed order earlier in the year we picked specific hybrids for each field. More than likely the racehorse hybrid we picked for your better acres will not reach their full potential on a rough acre field. We may be in a hurry, and it may be tempting to just grab the bags at the top of the pile, but it will be beneficial to put the right seed in the right field.

It’s also a good idea to check your depth of planting at each field. The planter may be working perfectly in the first field, but things could change while dragging the planter down the road to the next field. It doesn’t take long to check the depth and spacing to make sure everything is working correctly. We are all anxious to get into the field and it will be important to take our time to make sure we do everything we can to make this a good crop. We can’t control the weather so we need to make sure we control the things we can.