Pre-Emerge Precautions

Apr 29, 2024

Planting is in full swing in this area. There has been a lot of corn and beans put in the ground in the last week. Some guys are finishing up while others are right in the middle. The rain that is predicted for the next three days will slow things down for planting and spraying. The high winds that we had slowed down the spraying progress and may leave some people in a tight spot. There is a chance that some fields that were planted before the rain will emerge before you get a chance to get the chemicals applied. Before loading up the sprayer make sure that you check on the field to make sure any chemical that you are applying will be safe for emerging crops. If beans start popping up many of the pre chemicals used will kill a bean plant. You will also need to wait until the beans are tall enough so they will not break off when run over. For the most part corn pre-emergent chemicals will be safe to use when the corn has emerged out of the ground and corn can be ran over without harming the plant. Not only will the rain help your crop emerge, but it will also help weeds come up that were not there while planting. Take the time to scout your fields to make sure you are putting in the right chemicals to kill all the weeds in your field. If you have any questions on what should be sprayed take the time to call your SFG agronomist for some advice.