Plan for Fall Now

Aug 09, 2021

We received some needed rainfall in the area and the crops look to be in very good shape.  We will have something to do this fall.  Although it is only early August, now is the time to start preparing for harvest.  Besides getting the combine and wagons ready, there are some other things that are important before we head to the field.

Take some time to check out your corn to see what fields are standing and what fields are starting to fall apart.  We need to be in the fields that are falling apart first so we can capture the full yield.  Also take the time to do some quick scouting in your beans.  See if there are any weed escapes so we know how to better manage the field next year. 

Now is a good time to discuss fall fertilizer applications with your agronomist.  Let them know when you want your fertilizer applied early so, we can make a plan to get it applied in a timely fashion.  Now is the best time to be booking inputs for next year so it is a good idea to get a jump start on it. Take some time to go over past soil samples to see if some of your fields are out of date and need to be tested once the crop is out.  

It is hard to think about the next season when this season isn’t completed yet, planning and preparation will make the next season go a lot smoother.  If you would like to get a head start on the upcoming season, give your SFG agronomist a call and we will be happy to stop out.