Fall Harvest Work

Aug 23, 2022

Summer is almost over and combines will be moving in the next couple of weeks. The drier than normal season will more than likely push harvest up some and I have seen a few growers getting their machines out of the shed and preparing for harvest. While we may not have the yields like we had last year, there will still be plenty to do this fall.

While out in the field make sure to take notes on what hybrids are working and what hybrids are not. I am sure there will be some very colorful yield maps this year and it is important to document what is out in the field. These notes can help you and your agronomist make important decisions for the next year.

Its also important to keep up with soil samples as the fields become open. With the higher costs of inputs, it will be key to put on the amount of fertilizer and lime that is needed. Grid sampling is a good way to figure out what parts of the field need lime and how much.  If you are planning on having some soil samples done, let your SFG agronomist know when the field is open so they can be completed right away.