Fall Soil Sampling

Aug 15, 2022

Fungicide is wrapped up and overall crops look pretty good to date here in the Centerville area despite the recent dry weather. We will need an August rain to finish this crop out, but right now it appears we have made it through the heat. As the 2022 season heads into harvest this is a good time to review acres that need lime and acres that need soil sampled. I am already putting together a list of fields that need sampled for this fall and by knowing them ahead of time we can do our best to get these fields done as they are harvested.

Soil samples whether GPS grid or conventional samples provide us a guide to what the soil has in it for nutrients today, and shows us areas that we might need to build on to bring them up to optimum levels. Field layout and how the grower wants to apply fertilizer to these fields determines which method of sampling is the best and will be the most effective for their production system. If you would like to get fields on the list for fall sampling or would like to discuss this more, contact your local SFG agronomist.