Finishing Up 2023

Aug 21, 2023

While out in the country I have seen more and more combines sitting outside of the shed getting greased up. Before too long it will be time to head to the fields to see what this crop is going to give us. One or two more good rains and this crop will be pretty much made.

So far everything is looking good but there are a few things starting to show up. Sudden death is starting to creep into some of the beans around the Attica area. I have noticed that the early planted beans that were not treated with Ilevo or Saltro are showing the most signs. Planting dates have a lot to do with sudden death but adding Ilevo or Saltro is a cheap insurance policy.

I have also noticed some aphids starting to show up in beans. Another cheap insurance is adding some insecticide in with your bean fungicide. Corn is also looking good in my area but there are some issues showing up in this crop also.

Tar Spot has again creeped in. The fields that were sprayed with a fungicide at early tassel are showing little to now sign while fields that were not sprayed seem to have a lot more infections. Hopefully the hot dry weather we are expecting next week will slow the spread.

I have also noticed some areas of nitrogen deficiency. Make sure when picking hybrids for your next corn crop that you match the nutrients that the crop will need to get to its full potential. Our profit margins are getting smaller and smaller so we need to do everything we can to make sure that we get as much yield as possible.