New Value-Added Products for 2022

Dec 27, 2021

Working with all the ag technologies at SFG I get exposed to some of the new products and services out in the industry. One group of products that we have not used extensively have been biologicals. Biologicals are products you apply to the soil or plant that increase microbial activity within the soil or the plant. One way these biologicals work is to help release soil nutrients quicker and into a form that plants can use. For instance, there are products we can apply that help release nitrogen and phosphorus that would be otherwise tied up in the soil. I believe that biologicals are a “next step” in the management system once the initial yield limiting factors are taken care of.

Biologicals currently are still in the field-testing stage. We have used numerous products with varying results. We’ve had test with products to degrade stalks quicker, products with starter fertilizer and products sprayed on the growing crop. So far in the last couple of years I have found varying yield results. This past year in 2021 I did have good yield results with products in the starter fertilizer. It is something I’m going to look at again because it isn’t clear yet which management scenario will be the best. Next year I plan on using a product that is coated on the seed when planted. I’m hoping to have multiple trials out in the field and this product is nice because it can be put on right in the box or bulk planters. Anyone can have a look and see if it fits on their farm. We’re always looking for new products that are going to continue to raise yields in our areas and that process just takes time. Let any of us know at SFG if you are interested in new products for the 2022 crop year.