Tailored Programs for Your Farm

Feb 01, 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had several farmers ask me what we can do to help them get the right seed, fertilizer, and crop protection on their acres. At SFG we have many tools to aid in helping tailor a program for your farm.

The R7 tool has many options that allow us to make sure that we are getting the correct hybrid/variety on the right acre. This tool along with our team of experienced CCA agronomist’s knowledge will certainly add value to your seed placement. SFG can also write prescriptions to variable rate seed to go the extra step and get the right rate on each acre. We all know that seed is the start to a good crop and placed in the wrong environment will not produce top yields expected.

We have several options to VRT spread fertilizer on your farm to be sure that you are placing the nutrients where our crops will utilize them best, providing the best value to you. We have the capability of spreading fertilizer based on soil sample results, yield, and soil type to make certain that we are getting the correct rate of fertilizer on each acre to feed your crops accordingly. This keeps us from overfertilizing the areas that will not produce huge yields and get plenty of feed on the areas that will produce huge yields adding value to your operation.

SFG does a good job working with the Field Forecasting Tool (FFT) to ensure that we have nutrients, mainly N and micronutrients available to plants, that help us with rates to optimize side-dress N and micronutrient needs throughout the growing season. FFT uses an early season and tassel time tissue sample, along with a computer-generated model based on a huge plot database to determine the best rates of in-season fertilizer, if any needed, to add the most value to your operation. This tool also helps us plan for nutrients needed the following crop season to optimize your fertilizer performance.

CPP is a little tougher to manage on an acre-by-acre variable rate program, as computer models are not good at guessing weed pressure on your farm. We have a valuable team of CCA’s that have a lot of knowledge in your area to help you with the best possible CPP program on your acres. We also offer a scouting program that will get our scouts in your fields looking at your crops, multiple times throughout the growing season, to catch any unforeseen problems that may arise on your farm to eliminate the fall surprises with the combine. Contact your local SFG agronomist to help you get the greatest value out of all your acres.