Focus on Efficiency, Not Reduction

Feb 22, 2022

We all know that fertilizer prices are still very high right now. This has led to many conversations about cutting back on fertility, even on nitrogen. We need to shift away from cutting back and think about it as improving efficiencies. Yes we need to be economical and that might mean purchasing less nitrogen but we need to put a plan together to maximize yield if reducing the amount of fertilizer is the only option.
At SFG we have many ways to maximize efficiencies and make sure all fertilizer purchased is utilized. For example the easiest way to improve on nitrogen usage is apply nitrogen in season. We have the capability to sidedress liquid nitrogen or put dry urea over the top with our RoGator. Split applying nitrogen has huge benefits because it places the fertilizer in June when corn goes through the rapid growth phase. The goal is to get as much of the nitrogen just before corn starts to shoot up. This can generally lead to using less nitrogen because there is less potential for loss. Split applications are by far the easiest way to improve the nitrogen program on your farm. Contact SFG to talk about economical ways get the most out of your fertilizer in 2022.