Get Spring Plans in Place

Feb 06, 2023

The fields are starting to open up in our growing area. Soon we will be back to spreading dry fertilizer and applying anhydrous. Not long after that we will start applying the pre chemicals and planting corn. Before it gets too busy, I encourage you to take some time to meet with your agronomist to make sure you have your plans in place.

If your fertilizer and chemicals are being custom applied, take the time to go over maps with us. Make sure that all newly seeded waterways, terraces, or field edges are marked so a field is not misapplied. Taking the time now to go over maps can save a lot of time and money. If you will be spraying your own chemical this spring. Make sure you have the correct rates so nothing is mis applied. A quick conversation with your agronomist can save a lot of headache later down the road.

It is also important to go over seed placement and population with your agronomist. Not every seed will work on every field. When you pick up your seed this spring make sure that hybrids are separated by which fields they should be placed on and at what population.

Even with mother nature holding all the cards, we can do our part now to make sure that this spring will go as smoothly as possible. Take the time in the next couple weeks to give your SFG agronomist a call to make sure we can hit the ground running this spring.