Prepare for 2021 Crop

Jan 11, 2021

Before we know it, the snow will be melted off and it will be time to get back into the fields and start preparing for the 2021 crop. Everything will need to be done right to have a successful crop next year and now is the time to start preparing.

Right now is the time to get your chemicals lined up for this season. There are many options out there and they all work well when used correctly. It is never a good idea to cut rates on herbicides to save a little money. More often than not this practice will end up costing you money in lost yields. Using a full rate of residual up front will save you some frustration and help your field reach its full potential.

Timing is also important when managing weeds. We used to wait until all the weeds came up so we could kill them all. Now it is more important to use a second residual to keep the weed seeds from germinating. We need to start killing the seed, not just the weed.

SFG offers a variety of very good chemical programs. We have the equipment and manpower to keep your fields clean all season long. Scouting comes with all full-service chemical programs. We are able to keep you informed of how your field is progressing and offer advice on when and what to spray. We never go out to spray a field without looking at it first. When it comes time to order your chemicals for this year give your SFG agronomist a call to find out what we can offer to keep your fields clean this season.