Fertilizing Hay Ground

Jan 02, 2023

Higher fertilizer prices made hay ground see some input cuts last year. Right or wrong, it was the easiest place to save money on the farm. Looking ahead to this spring, hay prices are at a premium. There is little to no hay for sale in the country. Raising a crop this time will be as important as ever.

Whether its alfalfa or grass hay, forage crops remove as much or more fertilizer than corn and soybeans do. Generally, hay crops will show a yield benefit from keeping fertilizer on them. Micronutrients such as sulfur and boron are important on these crops. At SFG we have products that we can add right into the fertilizer blend to get these added to your field as well.

Whether you are selling hay or feeding it to your livestock, contact your local SFG agronomist to set up a fertilizer plan for your acres to be ready when spring is here.