Plan for Spring Today

Jan 09, 2023

With the new year just beginning and cold weather starting to settle in, today is a good time to make sure that you have everything prepared for the upcoming growing season. It may seem like it is a way off but April will be here before you know it. Having a good plan in place is one way to make sure that this growing season is a successful one. Make sure you take some time with your agronomist to make sure that you know where to place your seed and what population should be used. Many times, a hybrid will not be successful due to user error. A work horse hybrid will not perform as well on high producing soil like a racehorse hybrid will. The same can be said for beans.  Discuss with your agronomist what bean should be planted on certain fields. Some hybrids will do better on wet bottom fields while others will yield better on rougher acres. With that being said I encourage you to take the time to discuss with your agronomist on the proper seed placement for this coming year.