Seed + Graphite from Verdisian

Jan 30, 2023

We are in the heart of the planning period before a busy spring season. This is when we at SFG analyze new products on the horizon. One product we have been looking at closely is a talc/graphite replacement which contains micronutrients and bio stimulants. This is a Verdesian product called Seed + Graphite. Like the current market products, it’s applied to the seed as it’s going into the planter. Seed + Graphite goes a step further and includes micronutrients and bio-stimulants. It’s easy to add to the operation and takes risk out of spring planting conditions. Seed + Graphite contains micronutrients that we don’t get with other micro packages, so it makes a good compliment to other products already in the lineup.

Bio-stimulants are important, promoting early root growth and giving plants a jumpstart during germination. They work by regulating water within the plant during both extreme dry and wet conditions. It’s critical to get plants to come out of the ground as evenly as possible, and anything we can do to help this process will set plants up for the highest yield potential. Roots are small early in the season, so if we can get nutrients right to the seed that will promotes fast root growth right after germination. Essential nutrients like Calcium and Sulfur are in the soil profile but might not be exactly where that seed is planted. Seed + Graphite can give germination a push to get roots to the larger quantities of nutrients in the soil, increasing growth and success.

Seed + Graphite has a comparable use rate to other talc products in the marketplace. The easiest way to apply it is with a talc applicator on a seed tender. The price is $2.50-$3.00 per acre, depending on the crop. Compared to other micronutrients and bio-stimulant products, it is very cost-efficient. Yield benefits are advertised at 3-5 bushel on corn and 2-4 bushel on soybeans. I plan to run tests this year to get local data. A potential return that large is something worth looking into.

Reach out to your SFG agronomist to talk about Seed + Graphite, as well as other new products coming for 2023!