Planning Frost Seeding

Jan 02, 2024

The days are getting longer and before we know it spring will be here. With that comes work to get ready for spring. Specifically, the opportunity to revive old seedings to create better hay or pasture. This can be accomplished by frost seeding certain crops into the existing stand. When we put the seed on frozen ground, the freeze and thaw cycles naturally incorporate the seed into the soil.

The best time to do this is usually in late February and March, if there is little or no snow cover. Common crops used to frost seed in my area are red and white clovers and orchard grass. All three of these establish well by using frost seeding and are easy to do.

Most frost seeding is done by broadcasting using either a tractor seeder or an ATV with a seeder on it. Common seeding rates for each of these crops per acre are 4-10 pounds of Red Clover, 1-4 pounds of White Clover, and/or 2-4 pounds of Orchard Grass. If you have questions about frost seeding, contact your local SFG agronomist and we will be happy to assist you with planning frost seeding.