Fall Soil Sampling

Jul 18, 2022

Corn is just starting to tassel this week in my area and post spraying on soybeans is wrapping up this week and next. Before we know it, we will be closing in on harvest time. I wanted to take a minute today to discuss fall soil sampling and putting a plan together to get that done. Fall soil sampling is a good way to know what we have going on in our soils. It gives us time through the rest of the fall and winter to get our fertility plans in place and to get application done before the busy spring season. At SFG we offer conventional sampling as well as GPS grid sampling and we offer a variety of sample options to fit your crops needs. Through the past few years fall has been an excellent time to get fertilizer on as it has been dry and it allows any fall tillage to work that fertilizer into the soil profile. If you have any questions on fall sampling contact your local SFG agronomist.