Drought-Tolerant Hybrids

Jul 24, 2023

Even with the dry weather, the crop is looking pretty good in my area. Hopefully there is enough moisture to get us through the upcoming high temperatures that they are forecasting for this week.

It’s not quite August and growers are starting to ask about prices for next year’s crop. There have been a lot of questions on seed prices and if anything is standing out from others. That will be an easier question to answer once we start hitting black layer, but there are some hybrids worth being mentioned. Dekalb 65-95 seems to be holding up to the dry weather well and is standing very well with some of the strong winds that my area has experienced. Dekalb 111-35 also looks very good. It is a newer hybrid that is also holding up in the dry weather. I have a few fields of Croplan 5115 that look really good, especially for a rough-acre hybrid.

When harvest does get here, make sure you bring a notepad and pen with you in the combine. You can take notes on what hybrid is working and what ones need to be passed over for next year. The prices are not out yet but the best time to buy your seed corn is when the prices first come out. If there are any hybrids that you want to know more about, take the time to call your SFG agronomist and we will be happy to come out and discuss options with you.