Gradual N and Boron

Jul 05, 2023

I am not sure where the spring and summer have gone, but we are rapidly approaching tasseling of corn in our area. When I hear tasseling, I think of fungicide application in corn as most of the highest yielding fields have had fungicide and a foliar fertilizer applied at tassel. We have a couple of excellent options of foliar fertilizers that have performed well in the past. Gradual N with Boron has been an excellent option. The nitrogen and Boron at tassel time has historically shown some excellent benefits on a good corn crop. The nitrogen helps feed the corn that is being produced on the ear and the Boron increases sugar translocation and carbohydrate metabolism in the plant to add to an increased yield. This increased yield comes at the cost of only a couple of bushels of corn to the fungicide that you are already applying. If you have plenty of nitrogen and only want to apply foliar micros, we can use Pro Trio. Pro Trio includes sulfur, boron, manganese, and Zinc. This combination of micros provides an excellent combination of micros to increase yields on your farm to optimize yields. 

Talk to your local SFG agronomist about adding foliar fertilizer to your fungicide application.