Stay Ahead of Weeds with Post Residuals

Jun 07, 2021

Planting is basically wrapped up and we are looking at next week to be a big week for spraying second pass on beans in my area. With the later planting of some beans this season we have had some pre-emerge products out for 6+ weeks now. This is right with the normal residual life of most of those products and we are starting to see some weeds breaking in fields that have small beans planted in them. This is causing us to run our second pass now when the beans are not as tall or as close to canopy closure that we would like them to be. This is why I have been recommending a residual product in all my post trip applications so far. This practice allows us to spray and kill the flush of weeds that is coming up now, and give ourselves a weed free window for our beans to grow in until they get closer to canopy closure. There are many products to choose from, Outlook, Warrant, and Dual are a few examples of the more popular ones and all work well to keep weeds at bay while your beans get some added height and canopy density to them. If you have questions about using a post residual product for soybeans or would like to know more about a certain product contact you local SFG agronomist we would be happy to discuss this with you and get the right product for your fields.