Don't relax on your crop

Jun 27, 2022

All the crops in my area are looking great.  The corn has come out of the ugly duckling stage and the beans are really starting to grow.  It may be tempting but now is not the time to sit back and relax while waiting for harvest.  There are many things that we can do to make sure we finish this crop out.

Take some time to walk your fields.  Look for insects that may eat away at your foliage or be damaging root systems.  If there is a problem found, adding an insecticide is a fairly cheap remedy for the problem.  Also be looking out for weeds that may have escaped the herbicide applications.  If weeds are found it is not too late to make an application to get the weeds killed. 

Its also a good time to be taking tissue samples to find out what the crop may be lacking.  A tissue sample can tell you what micro and macro nutrients that your plant is missing and can make a recommendation on how to rectify the issue.  It will also show you what the next years crop will more than likely be short of.  If your corn tissue sample tells you that you are short on boron, you will more than likely be short on boron for your beans the next year.  SFG takes many tissue samples through out the year.  Typically, we get the results back within two to three business days.  We also carry the products to add to a mix if the results say that your are lacking some nutrients.  So while you are waiting on harvest give your SFG agronomist a call on tissue sampling and checking out your crops.