In-Season Nitrogen

Jun 13, 2022

We have made it into the heat of the summer and the corn is starting to grow very fast. We have fields starting to come out of the “ugly duckling” stage and showing that dark green color we like to see. I would say most of the yellowing in corn we are seeing right now just needs to be checked in two or three days. The corn roots are getting into the nitrogen and just a few days makes a big difference.

The next stage in corn is what I call the rapid growth stage. This is where it’s only taking two or three days to put on a new leaf and we go from knee high corn to shoulder high very quickly. This is where we need as many nutrients as possible and in season applications help get us nitrogen during this rapid growth phase. At SFG we promote the in season nitrogen because it’s the best way to ensure that we have adequate nitrogen right when the corn needs it. In my opinion the best time to apply in season nitrogen is when corn is at the V5-V6 stage right before it starts to shoot up. We have seen very good results and minimal nitrogen losses by this program.

With high costs this year in season nitrogen is a large expense but it’s something to look at on your high producing fields or fields that got fall applied NH3 only. This would help to put back the nitrogen that could have been lost this spring. Check in with your SFG agronomist to talk about in season nitrogen and how we can capture more bushels this 2022 growing season.