Mid-Season Checks

Jun 26, 2023

Some needed rain fell over the weekend and the crops are looking pretty good. Before long corn will be tasseled and beans will be canopied over the rows. Chemical passes will be close to wrapped up by the end of the week and fungicide applications will soon follow. It may seem like a good time to sit back and relax till harvest but there are still things to keep an eye out for on this crop.

Take some time to look out for any weed escapes or areas that were not sprayed close enough to the edge. Those weeds can spread their seeds and become a bigger problem next year. Seems like over the last couple of years I have noticed more brome grass creeping farther into the fields from the edge and terraces. SFG offers full service scouting so give us a call if you would like your fields looked at.

Also take the time to look for insect feeding in your fields. As I mentioned earlier, fungicide application will begin soon and adding an insecticide to your fungicide application may be beneficial. We have seen that adding an insecticide to your fungicide application has added anywhere from a one- to two-bushel increase on top of the expected four to five bushel increase from a fungicide.