Summer Fungicide Applications

Jun 05, 2023

It is time to start planning for summer fungicide applications. Most corn hybrids have a response to fungicide score (RTF). It is important to remember which hybrids are planted in each field, to go back and look at each field with a high RTF score to be certain that we are getting these hybrids treated with a good fungicide.

We also need to remember the hybrids with a moderate to low RTF scores and scout them for disease pressure throughout the summer months and base decisions on findings in the field. If we would happen to see a early onset of tar spot it will change our overall perspective of spraying fungicides on corn. If this would happen it will require spraying a high quality fungicide timely to control tar spot.

Soybeans are a little easier to plan on whether or not to apply a fungicide. Past trials have shown us, they almost always show a return on investment. Fungicide and insecticide applied together have a synergistic effect which compounds your return on investment putting more money in your pocket, giving you a competitive edge over your neighbor.

We have a good supply of fungicide available at this time, but be sure to get yours locked in to guarantee the product of your choice. Talk to your local SFG agronomist and finalize your plans for summer applications of fungicides on your farm. While applying these fungicides it may also be a good time to add foliar N to corn or micros to either crop.